Retinol Brulee� unlike some of the more questionable so-called �Retinol� products out there, promises to deliver the results you want day after day, week after week, month after month. Right to the very last drop. To ensure superior delivery, Retinol Brulee� is the first Australian developed cosmeceutical to take advantage of Tocoretinate technology, a third generation non-irritating variety of "true" esterified Vitamin A acid that is guaranteed to maintain its potency and superior performance even under the most adverse of conditions, thereby ensuring that you get the cosmetic anti-ageing results you desire. To further enhance the superior effectiveness of Tocoretinate, the scientific team at Aspect� have now literally turbocharged Retinol Brulee� with the addition of Lanablue�, a remarkable Blue algae extract that clinically mimics the topical cosmetic effects of pure retinol without any of the side effects. What side effects you ask? The fact is, whilst topical retinol is amongst the most active cosmeceutical ingredients ever discovered; in very high concentrations, it certainly is not without some potential side effects such as dryness, flaking and mild irritation. At Aspect�, we want you to experience the fastest possible results but naturally, don�t want you to suffer too much of the dryness or irritation associated with overdosing the skin with Vitamin A, thanks to the inclusion of Lanablue� we can now offer you much faster visible smoothing results without the disadvantages associated with increasing the retinol content. Never heard of Lanablue� before? That�s because we were the first to offer and utilise this exciting new "retinol mimicking" breakthrough Down Under, but make no mistake about it, others will follow! Now , just in case you are still thinking about the statement we made earlier, the one about retinol possibly causing some minor side effects such as mild irritation and dryness and wondering how your skin will react to Retinol Brulee�, rest assured that we have taken your sensitive skin into consideration when carefully formulating Retinol Brulee�. To help overcome any minor disruptions, Retinol Brulee� incorporates the clinically proven benefit of Canadian Willowherb�, a powerful botanical with the proven ability to cosmetically strengthen the skin�s defences against external aggressors and maintain a superb level of visible calmness and serenity so that you may enjoy the remarkable cosmetic anti-ageing benefits of Retinol Brulee� without too much stress. Retinol Brulee� is free of parabens, mineral oils, petrolatum, propylene glycol and artificial fragrances, so it�s likely to be kind to even the most temperamental of skins \n \nSize: 30ml

Aspect - Retinol Brulee - 30ml


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